We have created this page to address some of the more frequent and basic questions we are asked regularly. Frequently asked questions F.A.Q.(s) isn’t code for something more complex. It doesn’t refer to the questions we believe are the most important questions that you should be asking. Take the phrase literally. These are questions our business actually receives from our customers and prospects – Frequently

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Frequently Asked Questions

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From the moment you contact Beyond Lawn Care, you are treated with a customer-first mentality. If you have additional questions not answered here please reach out to us here: Contact Us

Do we work all major holiday’s?

In short the answer is yes. If we decide to take a holiday off our customers would be notified and the website update with new hours. For now we are open on all major holidays with some stipulation pertaining to Christmas.

Do we offer commercial services?

Yes, we do, however, it depends on what kind of services you are looking to obtain. It’s best to either call and/or email us.

You may email our office directly at
You may call or text our office at (402) 981-3325.

Is Beyond Lawn Care LLC licensed and insured?

Yes Beyond Lawn Care LLC is insured. The state of Nebraska doesn’t require licenses except for applying chemicals or fertilizer.

Does beyond lawn care LLC stand behind their work?

Yes if the customer is not happy with their service we will come back and fix the issue. We live and breathe a customer-first mentality. When it comes to our customers your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us.

Do you blow off excess fertilizer from sidewalks, patios, driveways, and streets?

Yes we do. As a courtesy to the properties we services, to help avoid tracking anything in your home or business, we always blow off excess lawn fertilizer from sidewalks, patios, driveways, and streets.

How long should my children and pets stay off the lawn after a lawn application?

You are usually okay to enter the lawn immediately following the treatment but there are times that we will ask you to water in an application prior to entering. Always make sure to follow the instructions left behind when your lawn was treated.

If I have a service concern, how do I communicate it to you?
If you have any issues with your service or have questions, please reach out to us.

You may email our office directly at
You may call or text our office at (402) 981-3325.

How often do you bill and how can I pay you?

We prefer our customers have a debit, credit card, or ACH on file. We will bill your account and automatically charge your saved card or ACH within 3 days of service. We are also able to make arrangements for those that prefer not to have a card on file. In these instances, invoices are sent by email and/or text and can be paid by cash, check, or online with a credit card.

If you setup your account with a card on file or ACH you will receive a $2.00 weekly discount


“I never knew how dirty my home was until I was provided a soft wash. I was amazed to see the white of my home return. You get so used…”

Tim B.

“Winterizing my home was something I just didn’t want to do anymore. It was always a last-minute thing because the weather would shift…”

Ron P.

“The last company I used was so rude. I am glad I found Beyond Lawn Care because I have been treated with nothing but kindness and…”

Tiffany D.

Call us anytime and even if we are busy a member of our professional and yet courteous staff will reach back just as soon as we are available.

Call Us Anytime: ‪(402) 981-3325

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